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Uruguay vs Korea Handicap: Asian Handicap Effect

Published:2022-11-24 By Dịch Phong(Meta Sports) Comments
Odds on Uruguay vs Korea today at 8pm on November 24 at the 2022 World Cup. The most accurate prediction expert before the Uruguay vs Korea match.

The prosperity of the Asian representatives brought a lot of positive psychological things to Korea in this match. In terms of strength, they are not inferior to Uruguay when bringing a lot of stars to the 2022 World Cup in Europe. Even at the last meeting (friendly 2018), the Kimchi team won 2-1 and won the 1/4 handicap.

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In this match, the house edge pushed up quite high at the 3/4 handicap for Uruguay. It is easy for fans to make mistakes with the current form of this team. They played well recently to bring 7/9 Asian wins, 1 draw and only 1 loss.

But don't forget one unknown from the Asian representative, Iran, which made Diego Lopez's teachers and students admit defeat. That match is also rated by the bookie as this match. Be wary of the chances of winning the door on this match.

And also note with what Korea has shown. They lost the last 4 draws 1 Asian match, but there are still 3/5 professional victories, 1 draw and only 1 loss. That is the bright spot that the Seoul team has, especially with the position of the team. position on the bottom door.

Head-to-head record of Uruguay vs South Korea

football, Uruguay, Korea, webthethao, Uruguay vs Korea

Uruguay vs Korea: Uruguay handicap 3/4

Prediction: Korea will win the bet +3/4

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