The note when the swimming continues in Aquaman Vietnam

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NinhRecord's access, access to the relay area, check the footchip, notice the instructions of the BTC were the basic help with the V V solving the Aquaman Vietnam.

After we leave the swimming path, the first thing V needs to do is move clockwork from the pool to run and check the chip on your feet. Especially with the athletes who keep fighting, this needs to practice carefully, ensure the chords, take care of. The next move of the body will be able to coordinate their own. Here's the V chip that gives the team time. The players need to study the map of the area to avoid the mistake of the area.

In the Aquaman Vietnam, the athletes are only allowed to be dressed in the region of the BTC. For those of you who play soccer, run after a swim course is a big challenge, demanding physical and spirit and a proper preparation. Make the towel dry, the feet before you wear your jogging shoes, make sure your feet feel the most comfortable.

After the continuum of the water, the body's almost depleted. This is an ideal time for those who are engaged in a mild-fuel race to ensure the strength of the last km.

BTC will give each individual a box to use the pages, the equipment. Note that things are not allowed in the box will be collected. After we're ready, transfer the clock from the regime to jogging and completing the race. What's important to be recognised to the results of the exam is that the athletes have to carry Bib numbers before they go.

At the aquathlon races, it's usually when the athletes in top are used to compete for success. For the movement, this is a precious time to prepare your spirit, the ability to conquer the road.

BTC arranged to experience the swim route and the area forward from 9h-11h lit 1/10. On the date, the area's moving on from 4h30 to be involved in sending individual animals.

The Aquaman is coming from 6h-2/10, 6h30 and 7h is the time of the two rejection Half Aqua and Sprint Aqua. While the little racers will release the Aquakid in seven hours ago.

V V should wear all the braces, the timing equipment, the swimsuit, Bib, the material swimsuit made from 100d 100%and the lenses follow the BTC. The readers care about the race can be followed here.

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