Portuguese asked Ronaldo to stop the main stone at the TQG

Published:2022-09-29 By Thanh Quý(MetaSports) Comments
The Portugal Bits A Bola and O Jogo assumed Cristiano Ronaldo didn't deserve the main stone, after what happened in the Battle of Spain.

"There's no reason why Ronaldo played the whole game in Spain, he's not a temp, speed, both sides and figures. If the idea is to protect Ronaldo, the effect is to see the other things back", Bola goes well.

O Jogo's in the same perspective, assuming Ronaldo scored the Spanish grid, Coach V Fernando Santos could stick to that to explain the absence of the captain. However, the fact that Portugal needs fresh fresh air on the line and 11 players fight against the forces of the opposing quarterback. "This is what they couldn't do when Ronaldo was present," this comment.

O Jogo has a figure of speech like a man trying to set Ronaldo on his team, and advising Coach V Fernando Santos to bet on the replacement solution if CR7 doesn't have a good attitude.

A Bola analyzes more about the slow ways, the predictable game and not taking back Ronaldo's goal instinct. The newspaper also said that CR7 should have started a fight on the bench. "Who touches the sky is not allowed to return to the ground?" This one is asking questions.

In just a few days, Ronaldo has gone through the two sides of the football. Before the Czech 4-0 battle, you've been awarded by the Portuguese soccer team's finest scorer. But after you lose in Spain 0-1, you take many critics from the press.

Ronaldo didn't have the primus in both battles. In the Battle of Spain, you've played a full nine minutes, but you've just cut it twice, and you've got a chance, but you can't kick it. After the battle, Ronaldo started at the head of the team. This failed 0-1 has made Portugal down on Monday on A2 League. Ronaldo and his team were only ten points after six. Meanwhile, Spain's more than a point and won a ticket to the semi.

Before what happened in the two battles of Portugal, Ronaldo had a problem at Man Utd. CR7 only scored one goal in eight times to the club at the beginning of the first time- the penalty for the Sheriff in Europa League. At the British Award, Ronaldo lost his primary kick.

Ronaldo had to take on Man Utd after he couldn't find the new club in the summer transfer. Some of the public clubs refused CR7, including Bayern, Real, Napoli and Marseille. Ronaldo also missed Man Utd's summer Tour with the "why the family."

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