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Portugal vs Ghana: Handicap is hard to win

Published:2022-11-24 By Dịch Phong(Meta Sports) Comments
Portugal vs Ghana today at 11pm on November 24th at the 2022 World Cup. The most accurate prediction expert before the Portugal vs Ghana match.

The two teams have faced each other at a World Cup, in 2014 with a 2-1 victory for Portugal. In that match, the house bet only assessed a moderate handicap of 3/4, bringing joy to the upper door. The number in this match is pushed up to 1 1/4.

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The fact is understandable when over the years, Portuguese football has really developed with many big and small titles, besides the constant efforts of Cris Ronaldo. They show a formidable performance, with 6/9 recent Asian wins, 1 draw and only 2 losses.

More importantly, on the eve of the 2022 World Cup, coach Fernando Santos and his team just won 4-0 against another African representative, Nigeria, and won the handicap to 1 1/2. The class difference of the Iberian peninsula team can continue in this match.

However, once again, the house odds push the handicap quite deep, so it will not be easy for the upper door to pass. Ghana recently had 2 consecutive victories, including defeating Switzerland in the lower position and winning the bet. Maybe they only lost to professionals with a minimum difference of 1 goal and still guaranteed to win the bet.

Recent Performance Portugal vs Ghana

football, Portugal, Ghana, webthethao, Portugal vs Ghana

Portugal vs Ghana: Portugal handicap 1 1/4

Prediction: Ghana will win the bet +1 1/4

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