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Kyrie Irving: The scandal maker or the artist who can't be left out

Published:2022-11-24 By Quang Minh(Meta Sports) Comments
During his playing career, Kyrie Irving encountered a lot of trouble off the field, affecting not only him, the team but also the image of the NBA, but with his level, this defender cannot be eliminated. .

After a period of suspension due to trouble off the field, Kyrie Irving finally returned in the match this morning (Vietnam time) against rivals Toronto Raptors. No longer wearing the familiar long-neck Nike socks, the defender wearing the number 11 shirt was suspended by the world's leading sports fashion brand because of the problems he constantly caused.

This is not the first time Kyrie Irving has caused trouble for himself, in his 11-year NBA career, the 30-year-old defender has made people talk about him a lot because of his off-court problems, some of the most common examples of which are not good enough. For example, in 2017 Irving shared on a podcast about the idea that the earth is flat instead of spherical.

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A few years later in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kyrie Irving sided with the unvaccinated side, arguing that black people were treated as experimental subjects. Until last year when many stadiums required vaccinations to enter the field, Irving was still determined to go against the majority, resulting in him not being able to play in all the games at home Brooklyn. Nets.

Up to the time of this year's season, the player shared an anti-Semitic film and continued to receive an eight-match ban. Lots of internal penalties, lots of Kyrie Irving bans for off-field troubles, but is this defender pitiful or to blame?

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"We live in a free country, a free world with opinions that all need to be respected, maybe because I'm a celebrity, I get more scrutiny, I think everyone needs freedom. Everyone has the right to speak their mind as long as it doesn't offend anyone.

Do we have the right to vaccinate or not, no one can change the freedom, I see many people who don't really want to get vaccinated but the effects make them unable to do what they want, not for me!",Kyrie Irving shared at the beginning of last season.

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Despite the constant scandal, it is undeniable that the Australian-born player is a very active fighter for human rights, he also silently uses his salary to charity for individuals and social organizations. However, Irving's opposing views make him receive more criticism than sympathy!

Kyrie Irving causes a lot of problems for himself, his host team, the NBA and sponsors like Nike, but no matter what happens, he is undeniably a talented defender, that's why because this player cannot be eliminated from the most attractive basketball tournament on the planet.

In the away game against Toronto Raptors a few hours ago, Irving after 28 minutes of play is still the best player on the field with 29 points, 11-16 FG and 5-8 3PT, the statistics are extremely impressive with A player who has been out for more than 2 weeks makes many people think that he has lost his sense of the ball.

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If Kevin Durant is the Brooklyn Nets' top scorer with an average of 29.8 points per game, then Kyrie Irving is right behind with 25.2 points per game, and the stats above could be even more impressive had he not received the ban. competition.

A lot of ups and downs with the Brooklyn Nets in recent seasons, a lot of players come and go, but Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are still two irreplaceable names, even if the New York City team is tired of the game. his talented star, there are still many teams in the NBA queuing up for Irving's service.

Highlight Kyrie Irving's comeback after 8 games out

After many years of playing, Kyrie Irving at the age of 30 is still one of the best defenders in the NBA today, his dribbling situations, unbelievable scoring situations still make him likened to a player. artist on the football field.

Kyrie Irving is back, Ben Simmons is shining impressively and Kevin Durant is brilliant as usual, now is the time for Brooklyn Nets fans to continue waiting for their stars to bring home the first championship in the team's history. .

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