Fernandes looking out for Ronaldo.

Published:2022-09-29 By Hồng Duy(MetaSports) Comments
According to the quarterback Bruno Fernandes, Cristiano Ronaldo still plays the role of no goal, making the Portuguese out of Nations League.

"There's no need to build controversy stories, Ronaldo here to help Portugal, and he's going to keep doing it," Fernandes said after the Battle of Spain-1 in Braga. "Ronaldo was the leader, and he wanted to score, not just Ronaldo, the team were all so disappointed in this defeat, and that's the normal thing."

After the fall of the season and the army of Man Utd was three weeks late, Ronaldo had the kick. Years ago, years ago, years ago, years ago the ball lived in eight battles for Man Utd, including six British and two in Europa League. Your only punishment punishment was the penalty kick in the 2-0 game on Sheriff's court on 15.

In the two games of Portugal during the monthly gathering, Ronaldo was all gone. You're taking a lot of criticism when you miss two chances, when Portugal loses last minute minute on the roof and lose the tickets to the League 2022-2023. After the fight, you're angry with the crew.

The leading sports in Portugal Bola is calling on Ronaldo from the team of World Cup 2022. "The less Ronaldo, the more for Portuguese" is the title of the handwriting of the Bola Bola Bola Bola, the idea of the "The Triangle of the"The Triangle of Porta can not be better to rendered by Porta."

However, Fernandes believes Ronaldo will soon find the highest form. You said, "This is a tough time, Ronaldo, who knows what to do and will write back the table when the winner starts, he'll have more motivation and the sobriety to keep writing for Portuguese. Don't forget that Ronaldo is the team.

After moving to Man Utd five 20, Fernandes immediately became a pillar of 12-desk three in the 20-2019-20202020 and 28 table in 58s in 52020202021. But the season before Ronal's were already built by the new level. Although, Fernandes always maintained Ronaldo hadn't thwarted your brilliant ability at Man Utd as well as in Portugad.

"Most of my inventions were for Ronaldo, so I didn't think that we had a problem, I just had a bad season if I looked at the parameters, I didn't think it was Ronaldo", Fernandes with The A.

Fernandes isn't pleased to be sent by the media and his fans judge their guests at the same time corresponding with Nicolas Pepe... the record contract of Arsenal. The Seabank player hasn't responded with hopes since you boarded Emirates five 19, and just joined in accordance to look for the opportunity. "If Pepe's on the rocks, a lot of people say he needs time to adapt, and if the rocks suck, I'll be criticized because I'm stuck with the referee so he doesn't focus on the duel", Fernandes talking.

Fernandes and Ronaldo have returned to Man Utd to prepare for the Battle of Man City in the English class two/10.

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