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Cat predicts Portugal vs Ghana, 11pm on 11/24

Published:2022-11-24 By Biển Đen(Meta Sports) Comments
The prediction of the cat prophet Cass about the match between Portugal and Ghana World Cup 2022 taking place today 23h00 24/11. Experts predict the fastest and most accurate match scores.

Portugal is considered a bright candidate for the 2022 World Cup championship when possessing a quality squad in all 3 lines with players playing in the English Premier League. Back to the opening match of Group H, Ronaldo and co had a pleasant match against the African team Ghana.

According to comments, 3 points belong to Portugal is an easy result to predict when the European Selecao is on the verge of excitement with a 4-0 victory over Nigeria in a pre-season friendly match. Thus, they won 6, drew 1 in the last 9 matches in all competitions.

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Across the field, Ghana is also well prepared in terms of performance when defeating Switzerland in a friendly match a few days ago. But if you look at the actual performance of the Black Stars at the World Cup, the cat Cass is somewhat hesitant.

Accordingly, Ghana has just had a 7-match unbeaten run at the World Cup (counted in the official 90 minutes) and this is the reason why Cass cat instead of choosing Ghana's food plate and the tie plate, but choosing the food plate. of Portugal.

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