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Brazil vs Serbia: Kick the bottom door

Published:2022-11-24 By Dịch Phong(Meta Sports) Comments
Betting on Brazil vs Serbia today at 2pm on November 25 at the 2022 World Cup. The most accurate prediction expert before the Brazil vs Serbia match.

Serbia showed its tenacity when it overcame Portugal to reach the 2022 World Cup early as the top of the group. They are certainly not easily defeated opponents, especially the goals of coach Stojkovic's teachers and students are just to make peace. Their opponent in the opening match is Brazil too strong.

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In this match, the house edge highly appreciated the representative of South America and pushed the handicap up to 1 1/4. Looking back at the past, this number is not difficult when Selecao once won 2-0 at the same World Cup in 2018, and won the handicap 1 draw. The odds increased even more in this match.

But again and again, Serbia lying there is no longer as comfortable as it is now. They are playing well and are guaranteed to win the last 5/6 Asian bets. In the opposite direction, Tite's teachers and students are no less competitive with the last 6/7 wins. Both showed bright spots from the rafters' performance.

Of course, with a cautious entry mentality, it will not be easy for Brazil to win the gap as in the past. Winning all 3 meetings with Serbia gives Selecao the chance to have 3 points in this match. Maybe the difference only stops at 1 table, before the stubbornness coming from the bottom door.

Brazil vs Serbia head to head record

football, Brazil, Serbia, webthethao, Brazil vs Serbia

Brazil vs Serbia: Brazil handicap 1 1/4

Prediction: Serbia will win the bet +1 1/4

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