Kroos:'Brazil is number one candidate at World Cup 2022.

Published:2022-09-29 By Hồng Duy(MetaSports) Comments
According to German Guard Toni Kroos, Brazil, with high altitude and quality personnel, is the most prestigious candidate for the World Cup 2022 champion.

"Brazil has been expressing the impression of winning and winning," Kroos says on the podcast Einfach mal Luppen on 28/9, proved to be impressed with the team under Tite. "For me, Brazil is top candidate at the World Cup 2022."

From the beginning of 2022, Brazil recruits eight, draw one and win the closest 7. They are undefeated and leading the first round of World Cup 2022- South America area with 14 wins and three simulated, though the lack of a battle, due to Brazil's month 9/2021 is delayed in seven minutes.

Aside from the stage of the entire group, Brazil impressed the military quality. Kroos felt this detail during the Brazilian recruits in Real Madrid like the Eder Milime, double the Vinicius, Rodrygo, and Casemiro in the new defense department to Man Utd in 2022.

"The Brazilian team is now a combination of players who are likely to be able to guide the people who can pass the ball, great architecture", Kroos will receive.

According to 32's quarterback, Brazil will be yearning to show up at the World Cup 2022, after two consenting disasters. At the World Cup 2014 on the quad, Brazil wins Chile, Colombia in the knock-out round and defeats 1-7 in front of the Kroos in the semi-end. At the next four years tournament in Russia, Brazil even stopped at the rally when Belgium 1-2, the last time Brazil posted World Cup is five 2002, the generation of legends like Lucio, Cafu, Carlos, Carlos, Ronaldinho or ldo.

Germany completed the preparation for the World Cup 2022 in a harmony between British 3-3 at the League on Wembley Night 26/9. This match, Germany led 2-0 by the penalty of Ilkay Gundogan and the Haverta column of Havertz. Havertz Havertz has finished the double-round for the ratio.

Kroos thought that the outcome was fair, even though Germany had already finished the game while taking two-0, German-0 quarterback in Euro 2021 2021, I didn't expect the team to discuss it after I believe in other news.

Germany left an alliance with Oman on 16/11, before the World Cup 2022, where they first met Japan on 23/11, Spain 7/11 and Costa Rica and Costa Rica 1/12-12-12, when they hit Serbia, they's on a day's, 24/28, 24-2.

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