It's a flurry in Vietnam to expand 2022

Published:2022-09-29 By Hiếu Lương(MetaSports) Comments
Tension TP HCM9, number one in Vietnam is easy to take down the Hong Kong fighter, D-2-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-9, in-2-9's tournament in the middle-29.

The lacrosse one Vietnam entered the strong with the precise bridges, to dominate Tin Yan. After you take 6-0, you've got a nine-point sequence to take 15-2 and end by winning 21-7.

It's a similar set. Wong Yat-Lin pummeled a bridge into a reasonable net and barely made a mistake. Mingliang hands won 21-6, closing the match in two minutes.

This is the fifth time the Vietnam Ant-Man Tour Award in the World Tour Union of World Tour. In the first round, the six-species seeds of Difference with a billion-0.

At the 30-9 intersection, the midtown encountered the Seed number four Ruselli Hartawan.

Also in the second round, first wave of two Vietnam the town's blueprint owner of the Indian Shivani with a 15-21, 21-18 and 21-17-17. British young man who won at late and early and early Radrisan E21 and met with Jin-21 and J1.

Another Vietnamese hairdresser is Fang Fang Thumeant to face Ripuparna Das, in the late match of the day. If we win, Fang Thuintentionally meet the Seed of five Malaysia is Kisona Selvaduray.

In the South Menu, the first-round of Vietnam has been eliminated from the first round. Chen Meng is out of the second round. The only landmaster left is Fort Luna, will face the seed of six Hongyang and China tonight.

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